Women’s Course – The Gift of Womanhood

Women’s Course – The Gift of Womanhood

October 3-12, 2019 | Bosnia and Herzegovina (near Sarajevo)

This special gathering is designed
to honor woman’s identity
to nurture her creative individuality
to promote her inner empowerment
to enhance her well-being.

This course is for every woman who wants to unlock her inner strength, dignity, radiance and grace.

Guru Rattana discusses how to:

Understand woman’s basic design, which gives her the capacity to live in abundance, to be loved and respected and to attract to her what she needs and the ability to retain her power, to avoid being used or creating problems for herself.

Explore the four special facets of a woman’s identity and learn how to release the illusions and to empower the gifts of each

Expose and find resolution to woman’s hidden agendas that sabotage her success and happiness

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