500-hours program

To serve K.R.I.Y.A. teachers, we are developing and now offering a 500-hour program, which focuses on the information and skills that Kundalini Yoga teachers need to meet the needs of spiritual seekers in the Aquarian Age. These course will be taught by Guru Rattana and the Lead Trainers of K.R.I.Y.A.

K.R.I.Y.A. Level Two Courses:

1. Your Life Is in Your Chakras (Taught in 2018)

2. The Gift of Womanhood – 2019 (Taught in October 2019)

Creating the Aquarian Age is the collective task of men and women working together to transform our attitudes, beliefs, and collective systems. Spiritual systems that have been created by men for men must now integrate subtle feeling and emotional sensitivity (sometimes considered feminine but actually the often neglected flowing polarity present in both men and women.)

We are thus inviting men to join us at this course, where we explore the different basic natures (and commonalities) of women and men. The fact that the majority of Kundalini Yoga students, teachers in training, and teachers are women makes it imperative to design our teaching programs to train both men and women to understand and honor womanhood and manhood.

3. Relationships, Happiness, and Prosperity on the Spiritual Path – 2020

This course unveils both the myths and magic on a spiritual path and teaches you how to use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to avoid the pitfalls and optimize the magic.

You will learn how your success and happiness in life and what you attract in terms of your personal relationships and prosperity are determined by 3 basic relationships:

  1. With yourself – your mind, body, emotions, and soul
  2. With physical reality — your attitude to life’s challenges, personal goals, and Mother Earth
  3. With non-physical reality — your oneness or perceived separation with a higher power.

Join us for a deep understanding and awakening to your personal life journey.

In the company of other seekers you will benefit from the group energy of our collective vibration of love that nurtures each one in our sacred group.

We live in the Aquarian Age – We can’t make it alone and we don’t have to. We are here to help each other to more fully live our lives so we can each make our unique contribution to creating a heart-centered world.

To paraphrase Yogi  Bhajan — Individual consciousness is expanded in group consciousness, which elevates us to universal consciousness.

We look forward to being together with you in 2020!

4. The Mind, Meditation, and Conscious Living – 2021

In this course we explore how our mind works and learn to optimize its powers to bring us inner peace and awakened consciousness. Many silent days (with instruction) will pull us into the vastness and potentialities in the universal mind. You will be deeply transformed, find inner happiness, and be able to deal with life with both compassion and detachment. Much of what was unknown to you before, will make itself known.

5. The Spiritual Path and Process and Stages of Awakening – 2022

In this course we explore the nature of the spiritual path and how awakening unfolds and impacts your life. We compare and experience the paths set out by Guru Nanak in Jap-ji, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity. Together we engage in a heart opening journey, where every path guides us to fall in love with all existence.