200-hours program

K.R.I.Y.A. 200 hours courses taught in Ukraine, Russia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Croatia have graduated several hundred Kundalini Yoga teachers. These courses focus on cultivating the powers and projection that can be developed through inner awareness training. Maintaining the activating aspect of Kundalini Yoga exercises, these courses also teach how to develop the subtle sensitivity needed to awaken consciousness and live conscious lives.

♡ Yoga of Awareness is a powerful transformational training that takes you deep into the process of self-initiation, connects you with the energy of your soul, and empowers you to operate from a neutral sacred space.

♡ This course is a part of the Inner Awareness Teacher Training. It is open to all students of Kundalini Yoga and to already certified Yoga teachers who wish to move to the next level of personal transformation and to expand their role as healers and teachers of Kundalini Yoga. This program complements (and does not compete with) other Kundalini Yoga teacher training courses.

♡ Enjoy a life-changing experience in Guru Rattana’s presence as she offers her original, inspiring, and liberating approach to personal transformation and self-awareness.

The training program consists of two modules, 80 training hours each and 40 hours of personal study. It meets RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) standard of the Yoga Alliance international organization.

Certificate K.R.I.Y.A RYS-200
Certificate K.R.I.Y.A.
Trainig Yoga of Awareness
RYS-200 (200 hours, Yoga Alliance)

After successful completion of the program and passing the exam participants receive a certificate of Kundalini Yoga teachers, issued by the K.R.I.Y.A School (Kundalini Rising International Yoga Academy, USA) accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

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